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Young Ah Bang


Executive Chef & Food Consultant

Kitchen Le Sel / Bang’s Kitchen


Full of culinary aspiration, Young Ah Bang has developed her career over 25 years.  She was raised by a large family for whom eating and cooking were the center of life.  Living close to the East Coast of Korea, her family could enjoy fresh seafood throughout the year.  Her upbringing and the family heritage had an influence over her life and career.


Majoring in food and nutrition, she apprenticed with great chefs and honed her culinary skills in Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Pursuing her career goals, she took Professional Culinary Arts Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in the U.S. where she further honed her French culinary and baking skills.  Returning to Korea, she established Kitchen Le Sel, a professional test kitchen where she conducted consulting service, recipe developments, publication, media relations, and cooking classes.


She has written dozens of cookbooks about various subjects from easy bakery tips to traditional cuisine.  Among them, her bestselling cookbook titled “Four Seasons in the Bottles” was published both in Taiwan and in China.  She is building bridges between Korea and other nations by her professional knowledge and experiences in food business.  She is selling kids’ meal products branded with Young313, of which many products are inspired by Japanese cuisine.


She provides consulting services to food companies and restaurants which seek for recipes for successful product developments.  She helps foreign food companies and agricultural or marine product providers make a successful inroad to Korean market.


In an effort to help people eat the right food for health and nutrition, she launched two home meal brands, Kitchenlesel for adults and Young313 for children in the period of growth.  Young313 has become the top seller of kids’ meal category on the Baeminfresh, Korea’s #1 mobile platform in overnight meal express service across the nation.  Bang’s Young313 kids’ meal products are being delivered to children living in the Provinces and countryside.


She elevates home cooking to new levels and brings inspiring recipes to parents and children with love and care just like your Mom.

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